Awards/Notifications: #AndyMurray #MichaelStich articles

I’ll get back to regular posts soon, but just wanted to share with you my two articles for a new tennis website, One is a look at the achievements of Andy Murray so far while the other is Michael Stich’s run to the Wimbledon crown in 1991. Feel free to click on them and have a read.

Top 10: Andy Murray’s Biggest Tennis Achievements to Date
When the 33-1 Michael Stich Won Wimbledon


19 thoughts on “Awards/Notifications: #AndyMurray #MichaelStich articles

  1. Solid work mate, reads well, a bit of colour but not too long and not full of minute detail. Particularly the countdown on Murray which tells the narrative of how Murray stuck with things without belabouring the point. Made me learn something new.

    • Thanks, that’s exactly what I was going for. He has achieved so much on and off court. I hope he does win more when he comes back from injury, and he sounds confident he will. If he doesn’t though, he’s still had a great career and impact on the sport.

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