Line(s) of the Day #WhenYouWereYoung

The Killers -  When You Were Young

They say the devil’s water, it ain’t so sweet
You don’t have to drink right now
But you can dip your feet
Every once in a little while

Taken from the song When You Were Young by Las Vegas band The Killers, from their second studio album Sam’s Town (2006). You can find another of my favourite Killers’ song here.


19 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #WhenYouWereYoung

  1. Dustland fairytale beginning, just another white trash county kiss. In ’61 Long Brown hair and foolish eyes. He looked just like you want him to, some kind of slick chrome American prince. And blue jean serenade, Moon River what you do to me. I don’t believe you.

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