Line(s) of the Day #MartinCrane (RIP John Mahoney)


Alright, that’s it. I’ve had enough of you two jack-asses. I’ve spent the whole night listening to you making cracks about the food and the help. Well, I got news for you: People like this place. I like this place. And when you insult this restaurant, you insult me. You know, I used to think you two took after your mother, liking the ballet and all that, but your mother liked a good ball game too. She even had a hot dog once in a while. She may have had fancy tastes, but she had too much class to ever make me or anybody else feel second-rate. If she saw the way you two have behaved tonight, she’d be ashamed. I know I am.

As said by John Mahoney (1940 – 2018), who played the part of Martin Crane in the critically acclaimed seattle-based sitcom Frasier. In the many warm and heartfelt tributes after his sad passing, it was clear that how highly regarded he was an actor. But even the most casual of readers of my blog will know how big a fan of Frasier I am. And so he will always be Marty Crane to me, who, despite a stubborn and gruff exterior, had a huge heart and was immensely proud of both his sons. But just like the best fathers he wasn’t afraid to call them out on their bad behaviour, remind them of their roots and family responsability.


24 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #MartinCrane (RIP John Mahoney)

    • So many of us did. You know that for all his differences with his sons he did love them both. That episode when he gets Frasier the Robo Geek toy that Fraiser’s son really wanted was especially touching. I think my favourite line of his was when Daphne is heavily overweight and struggles to get up. Niles Frasier and him help her to her feet. “I just thought of something funny. It took three Cranes to lift you”

      • That’s tough the memory is foggy and they’re all great. I did like whenever Frasier was trying to get laid and things would go wrong. Or Daphne would say something that could double as an entendre and you’d just see Niles’s face. The dynamic was very important and John Mahoney of course was in his way the straight guy, the audience proxy because Niles and Frasier were snobs. I think I just loved any moment where it got back to the family dynamic. The moments where the two boys connected with their Dad. I remember fondly Niles doing a duel but for Mahoney this is as good a moment as any.

    • It really was a brilliant show. I’ve watched it more than any other sitcom. I grew up with it really. You should definitely start watching it. Really think you’d enjoy it.

    • Very true. The tributes have been lovely. His character really hit home for a lot of people. Always great when an actor of a much-loved character is a wonderful person themselves. Do you have a favourite Frasier episode?

    • He brought a real moral heart to the show. Frasier and Niles talked a lot about ethics but Martin, in a quiet way, was always aware of how others were feeling. And he was always prepared to call them out on it, usually in a funny way.

  1. Sad news. His work in Frasier is unforgettable. Mahoney was also great as the dad in Say Anything(the 80s movie in which John Cusack holds the boombox above his head)

    • A memorable role in a great film. And an inspiration that you can still find success at a later age. And yes, very unforgettable. His sarcastic delivery was just brilliant too.

      Martin: Seattle’s a big city, I’m sure there’s a bunch of German fencing instructors, each one with dozens of students.
      Frasier: Yes, but are they wealthy students?
      Martin: No, they’re inner-city kids trying to work their way out of the ghetto with nothing but a foil and a dream.

    • Such a good actor. You’d never know in real life Eddie had no warmth towards him and only responded to his trainer. He could also deliver the great speeches and brilliant ziners with equal skill. Frasier wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without his character.

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