Film Quizzes: Female Directed Films Part 2

As shown in my previous quiz, there have been some seriously talented females behind the camera in charge of all kinds of critical and commercial successes within the last few decades.  One quiz just wasn’t going to be enough, so I’ve added an extra set. And that’s without including the most recent smashes of Lady Bird and Wonder Woman, and films co-directed by women, like Persepolis, Shrek and Frozen. How many of the 15 below will you get?

fast_times_ridgemont_high_1982_29-1461421919-726x388 Film 1 (1980s)

chocolat1988-graspingatthepast Film 2 (1980s)

4 Film 3 (1990s)

18-little-women-w1200-h630 Film 4 (1990s)

deepimpact3 Film 5 (1990s)

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-8 Film 6 (1990s)

wheatfields_thevirginsuicides Film 7 (1990s)

somethings-gotta-give Film 8 (2000s)

image-w856 Film 9 (2000s)

http3a2f2fmedia-cineblog-it2f92f9fd2fmonster6-620x350 Film 10 (2000s)

21b49-wood2 Film 11 (2000s)

Film Quiz - Previous Best Picture Winners from each decade Film 8 Film 12 (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Hollywood vampires Film 6 Film 13 (2000s)

kevin1 Film 14 (2010+)

Film Quiz - Inspirational Women Film 13 Film 15 (2010+)

Answers below

1.  Fast Times at Ridgemont High   (1982)

2.  Chocolat   (1988)

3.  The Prince of Tides   (1991)

4.  Little Women   (1994)

5.  Deep Impact   (1998) – May

6.  You’ve Got Mail   (1998) – December

7.  The Virgin Suicides   (1999)

8.  Something’s Gotta Give   (2003) – February

9.  Thirteen   (2003) – August

10.  Monster   (2003) – December

11.  The Woodsman   (2004)

12.  The Hurt Locker  (2008) – October

13.  Twilight   (2008) – November

14.  We Need to Talk About Kevin   (2011)

15.  Zero Dark Thirty   (2012)


33 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Female Directed Films Part 2

  1. My four correct answers only go to those I had seen but it was a fun filled and challenging quiz to participate in. I like that you have Chocolat listed here which is nkt a remake of the 2000, as their stories are different but I did enjoy both movies. A great idea on a post Alex.

    Sincerely Sonea

  2. Only a couple I’m sad to say, we women need to up our game in promotion and awareness. I was only saying in 8 grades of singing syllabus we were never asked to choose a song written by a female composer.

  3. 12/15, I know for sure 6 of the directors. Nice work with the Prince of Tides, I only happen to know that one having seen that picture a lot in an old copy of my Movie magazine. Clever stuff too with Virgin Suicides. Something’s Gotta Give was right on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t get it. Always enjoy these.

  4. Some of these are easy, others are really challenging! To answer Chocolat (1988) correctly I think you almost need to have seen the film, as the actress isn’t a big name. 11/15 for me.

    • It was a tough one. No real iconic shots from that film. Wanted to highlight a non-English film. A really good score though. If you were interested, I’ve done plenty of other quizzes too, which cover all kinds of genres and themes.

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