Line(s) of the Day #Frasier


Frasier: She is nice. Intelligent, accomplished.
Daphne: Well, if you think so much of her why don’t you ask her out?
Frasier: Well, we agreed we wouldn’t pursue things. Frankly, she hasn’t given me any indication since that she’s even had a second thought about me.
Niles: Added to which, if Frasier did pursue her and she rejected him, he could hardly rationalise it by saying she doesn’t know what she’s missing. She would know exactly what she’s missing – she just didn’t miss it!

Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce with another example of the blistering wit in the much-loved Seattle-based sitcom Frasier (1993 – 2004). No other show show has been quoted more in my blog, starting with this one back in the first week.

24 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

      • Ok…my fave might be the one where they pretend to be Jewish …..I love when Frazier says to Martin “I thought we blew it when you talked about repairing your car”. I love the one where Frazier is dating Faye and Cassandra and niles say to him “how many more do you have in the grotto Hef”. But really every episode was so clever!!

        What’s your fave?

      • Memorable for sure. I’d say when Daphne is set up on a blind date, unbeknownst to everyone the guy is question is gay and actually fancies Frasier. Or when the “perfect man” starts working at KACL and Frasier slowly starts to get super jealous. Or when Niles start subcounsciously trying to hurt Martin so Daphne will stay. So many more I could have chosen.

  1. One of the perks of working from home is that you can watch Frasier on Channel 4 in the mornings! I love this show. One of the few sitcoms which never treated its viewers like idiots. Terrific writing and a great ensemble cast.

    • And they still make me laugh as much on the first viewing. Imagine working with someone like Bulldog, or living in a place with a chair so hideous. Which was the last one you saw? Mine was when he gets dumped by a high flying lawyer and asks everyone for his faults. They all get carried away!

      • The last one I saw all the way through is one of my favourites: Niles decides to finally ask Daphne on a date but bottles it and she ends up thinking he’s in love with his neighbour Phyllis. She ends up helping him cook a dinner for her…it’s just terrific.

  2. I love Frasier; it’s so hilarious and the characters are all so likable in their own ways. Martin is one of my favourite characters. He’s the down to earth dad with a quick wit and attitude.

    • He’s pivotal tothe success of the show. As well as some of the funniest storylines and jokes, he also provides a lot of the heart of the show. His conflict with his sons is powerful, especially as he isn’t afraid to call them out on their snobbish or patronising behaviour.

  3. Though I have only seen certain clips of the show, your love for it does shine through for good reasons. A smart witted yet equally entertaining sitcom is rare to come by as of late so shows like these tend to become quite special with time. A great choice in dialogue.

    Sincerely Sonea

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