Film Quizzes: Female Directed Films Part 1

There have been some truly inspirational females in Hollywood making their voices heard, matching with a growing increasing of films with female leads. That includes films like Wonder Woman, Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters and Hidden Figures, with a wide array of talented female stars. But it’s not just on screen where this talent is starting to show.  Behind the camera, there have been some fantastic work going on by a number of women in all kinds of genres. You’ll notice some great films from up to 30 years ago as well. How many of these women-directed films do you recognise? Did any of them surprise you?

Tom Hanks - Film 1 Film 1. (1980s)

point_break_lori_petty_keanu_reeves_still Film 2. (1990s)

ww_tf2 Film 3. (1990s)

Tom Hanks - Film 2 Film 4. (1990s)

thepiano2 Film 5. (1990s)

maxresdefault Film 6. (1990s)

h_e2ap8jkmx Film 7. (2000s)

bridget-jones-diary-2001 Film 8. (2000s)

fhd002ida_salma_hayek_058 Film 9. (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Scarlett Johansson Part 2 Film 1 Film 10. (2000s)

53454418d4abf-image Film 11. (2010+)

inaworld1_2669876b Film 12. (2010+)

the-babadook-sundance-5 Film 13. (2010+)

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 13 Film 14. (2010+)

Film Title: Unbroken Film 15. (2010+)

Answer below

1.  Big  (1988)

2.  Point Break  (1991)

3.  Wayne’s World  (1992)

4.  Sleepless in Seattle  (1993) – June

5.  The Piano  (1993) – August

6.  Clueless  (1995)

7.  American Psycho  (2000)

8.  Bridget Jones’ Diary  (2001)

9.  Frida  (2002)

10.  Lost in Translation  (2003)

11.  Blackfish  (2013) – January

12.  In a World  (2013) – August

13.  The Babadook  (2014) – May

14. Selma  (2014) – December

15. Unbroken  (2014) – December



40 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Female Directed Films Part 1

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  2. 12/15 for the films although I recognised one but couldn’t name it. For the directors 7/15 which pisses me off. I know the director of Wayne’s World and Clueless is on the tip of my tongue. It’s interesting that the more award worthy less commercial films seem to have directors I recognise more. Than there is Kathryn Bigelow who has made films dealing often with masculinity and is the first female director to win an Oscar. I should know who the fuck she is and that she directed Point Break – one of if not her best film. It’s driving me crazy I can’t name the director of Julie/Julia who did a few collaborations with Streep.

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