Film Quizzes: 2017 Films

2017 sure has passed quickly, hasn’t it? It doesn’t seem so long ago since I was selecting my choices for the 2016 Films Post. Have you been pleased with this year’s standard overall? Which films have stood out for either good or bad reasons? Below, (and in no particular order), are a wide range in genre from the past 12 months. How well have you been paying attention? I haven’t seen the latest Star Wars (though will soon), but you’re more than welcome to offer any other suggestions.

Films of 2017 - Film 1    Film 1

Films of 2017 - Film 2    Film 2

Films of 2017 - Film 3Film 3

Films of 2017 - Film 4    Film 4

Films of 2017 - Film 5jpg.     Film 5

Films of 2017 - Film 6    Film 6

Films of 2017 - Film 7     Film 7

Films of 2017 - Film 8     Film 8

Films of 2017 - Film 9     Film 9

Films of 2017 - Film 10    Film 10

Films of 2017 - Film 12    Film 11

Films of 2017 - Film 11 Film 12

Films of 2017 - Film 13 Film 13

Films of 2017 - Film 16 Film 14

Films of 2017 - Film 15 Film 15

Answers below

1. Dunkirk

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

3. Blade Runner 2049

4. Get Out

5. Borg v McEnroe

6. Wonder Woman

7. The Big Sick

8. Baby Driver

9. Logan

10. It

11. Lady MacBeth

12. The Battle of the Sexes

13. Detroit

14. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

15. Lady Bird



72 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: 2017 Films

  1. Full marks, 15/15, but I have been movie-obsessed this past year, something I am not too proud of since I a bit neglected my other life commitments. From your selection, I really liked Lady Macbeth and Blade Runner 2049.

    • Flawless Victory, as they said in Mortal Kombat, one of my favourite computer games growing up. I wasn’t sure anyone would get Lady Macbeth. The main guy in it looked so much like Rick from Walking Dead it was spooky! Really think the actress will go onto big things.

      • Lady Macbeth was one of the strongest independent films of 2017, and I wanted to believe it was generally well-known by now 🙂 I agree, Florence Pugh gives a magnificent performance, she is destined for something big. So far, she has 3 films with her scheduled for 2018, so lets wait and see 🙂

    • Dunkirk top for me. I even have the soundtrack. I’d like to see Mudbound and 3 Billboards. I missed out on Detroit, which looked fascinating. Fences was the worst one I saw. I loathed it so much.

      • She’s amazing for sure. Especially that speech she gives. Though why Supporting Actress? But it had so little directing it felt like I may as well have just seen a filming of a theatre production. And it had such a sloooow pace. And I didn’t like the tone of the ending either. One of those we just disagree on I guess 🙂 But she is an extraordinary talent and I hope she wins far more awards in the future 🙂

  2. I saw four of these films (Dunkirk, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Wonder Woman, and Get Out), guessed seven correctly, and hope to see them all. Thanks for your blog, Alex, and Happy New Year!

    • Valerian did badly at box office and got underwhelmed reviews, but the others were successes. I’ve only seen 10. I’ll probably catch a few when they come out on home release.

  3. Your movie quizzes are always a delight to participate in. I haven’t seen too many this year, but I suppose I knew a few (nine) from the list due to some familar faces and trailers. I also did a similar post, showcasing some I have enjoyed this year so it is equally nice to see what you have enjoyed.

    A Happy New Year to you Alex

    Sincerely Sonea

    • I’m really glad you enjoy them. It’s always interesting to see too how they compare to last year. It’s not about the 15 best, or the most high profile, but a wide selection of standard and genre. There were quite a few disappointments for sure this year. Justice league and King Arthur must have cost a fortune.

  4. Not too bad! Only seen six of them, but got all except Lady Macbeth. War for the Planet of the Apes is the only one I found noticeably absent, but I do love these quizzes! Hope you have a Happy New Year, Alex!

    • I did think about putting it in, but I didn’t want to include too many blockbusters. Thor was the other high-profile film I toyed with. Great score. Even more impressive as you haven’t seen that many.

    • I thought that might stump a few, as wasn’t sure if it made it to the US at all. It’s not a long film, or with any sort of budget, but is really well made and with great performances. And that’s an awesome result Lloyd.

      • There have been some good ones like Hidden Figures and Thor: Ragnarok I’d add. But it’s more tricky for a simple list as here in the UK films like La La Land and Moonlight only arrived this year. And others like All the Money in the World, Molly’s Game and Three Billboards aren’t released until 2018.

      • I find I just wait for Oscar releases to get here and then I compile my best of the year list. That being said 20th Century Women a 2016 film got to Australia in July 2017.

      • I’m waiting on films to get here too. Well will be great to see them when they do. What would you say was your favourite comic book film of the year? Thor: Ragnarok?

      • It was very entertaining for sure. Even Goldblum’s scenes on his own would make a great argument. Everything save the last 20 minutes of Wonder Woman was good too.

      • Yeah I’m with you there, bit of a CGI-athon at the end of Wonder Woman. Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure. Have you seen What We Do In The Shadows or Hunt for the Wilderpeople done by the same director?

      • I’ve not seen either of those though have heard good things. He came across well on an Empire podcast. But have seen Eagle v Shark, which got my attention because of Flight of the Conchords.

  5. That was a fun one. I haven’t heard of Borg v McEnroe, and didn’t get to watch Films 11 – 15. 😂 Valerian’s visuals are too distinct to miss though. Happy New Year, Alex!

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  7. Logan, Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy stood out very well in 2017. They were well made films. Haven’t seen the others

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  9. WordPress quizzes are great. Shame that they don’t offer free plugins. Btw, have you seen Battleship Potemkin? Did you like it?

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