Gr8at: #ComedyWildlifePhotographyAwards

I love animals, photography and comedy, so anything that successfully combines all three is a sure-fire winner for me. I covered The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in a post last yearย so it’s great to add some from this year’s edition too. Especially as the standard is a high as ever. These are my eight favourites, but be sure to check out the official website for more great photos, as well as any possible merchandise that catches your eye.


WTF – George Cathcart


The Laughing Doormouse – Andrea Zampatti


Slap – Troy Mayne


Mudskippers Got Talent – Daniel Trim


All Dressed and Ready For Church – Carl Henry


Hitching a Ride – Daisy Gilardini


Eh What’s Up Doc – Oliver Colle


Animal Encounters – Jean Jacques Alcalay

25 thoughts on “Gr8at: #ComedyWildlifePhotographyAwards

  1. Alex, these are really awesome! Thank you for sharing. I think I like the first and third the best. The first captures the look upon my face on a daily basis – some people. Oh and the third, because I love the ocean and sea creatures. ๐Ÿ˜Š These made me happy – thank you for that.

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