Photography: #TricksoftheLight #Art #Montage


This is a montage made up of five different images submitted for the Tricks of the Light: open exhibition, which accepts both photographs and paintings. These and numerous others are being displayed at the Riverside Gallery in Whitaker Avenue, Richmond until 3 March, extended from 13 January. For full disclosure, my mother’s photograph is on the bottom left.

16 thoughts on “Photography: #TricksoftheLight #Art #Montage

      • I’ve got to get to London. 😊 I enjoy art exhibitions. Paintings seem to speak to me in a way I completely understand. It seems you enjoy photography more – capturing a moment, almost freezing it, dare I say…forever. 😊

      • You’ll love London. You have to come. At the moment I’ve been to more photography exhibitions but there are some great art ones to go to soon. The Cezanne one at The National Portrait Gallery really grabs me.

      • Well, if you insist, Alex. 😊 I hope to visit London within the year. You’re a fan of Cezanne? Lovely work. A mix of cubism, impression, and perspective. I enjoy landscapes, myself. Is that exhibition in the next month or so? What time of the year do you suggest to visit? Fall? I love Fall the most. I’m sure London is beautiful at that time of the year.

      • I’m biased but it’s beautiful any time of year. But I am an Autumn baby so I’d have to go with that if pushed. Just make sure you come down. There is always so much to see.

      • I’ll keep that in mind. I’m in favor of your biased opinion, Alex. 😊I will have to be sure to remember a lock. 💕

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