Creative #EssenceofBeauty

Magnetic, electric, eclectic eyes,
That shine like frozen diamonds raised by sunlight,
Decorated by free-falling hair that parades and cascades
With the freedom of flight, that will best strike
Those able to see the beauty within,
that goes beyond mere skin

I’ve quoted countless of my favourite poems, but I do like to share my own work too. The last one, She Loved Me Once, was in June, so I was certainly due.


21 thoughts on “Creative #EssenceofBeauty

  1. Eloquent, Alex. Beauty within is appreciated far more than physical beauty. If only more people thought that way.

  2. Clearly, this is about me. Iโ€™m flattered, but youโ€™re really not my type. Ha! This beautifully written. Lovely imagery and like the alliteration. These are my favorite types of posts from you. Youโ€™re so talented and your poetic side is wonderful. Mad props, Der.

  3. My favourite line being ‘with the freedom of flight, that will best strike’ describes this admirable and charmingly written poem put before the eyes of beauty. It is wonderful to read.

    Sincerely Sonea

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