Photography: Sunlit sky




The recent Hurricane Ophelia led to a rare red tint and some stunning skies. I just had to share my photographs with you. Do you have a favourite?


29 thoughts on “Photography: Sunlit sky

  1. Thank you for sharing your photography, Alex. It is quite stunning. My favorite is the third. Picturesque contrast. 😊

      • I tend to like things and see things others do not. 😊 You captured both eloquently. Can’t wait to see the others.

  2. It truly was a rare sighting here in the U.K. The red hue mixed in with the orange really gives it that autumnal feeling (notably shown in your beautifully shot pictures, the last photo is magnificent), and i rememeber wondering if I was dreaming in Wonderland as I woke to the mistful sky. Your pictures never cease to amaze me.

    • So kind and articulate as always. It really was a rare phenomenon. I was just glad I had a camera nearby. I can’t imagine I will see anything similar at that time of day any time soon.

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