Line(s) of the Day #SoYouveBeenPubliclyShamed


The snowflake never needs to feel responsible for the avalanche.

Taken from the book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by British journalist Jon Ronson (2015). The non-fiction work features examples and analysis of mostly non-famous people experiencing the full impact of being shamed through the media, particularly online.


4 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #SoYouveBeenPubliclyShamed

    • When the online masses go for you, it’s quite the whirwind. And it doesn’t have to be you that does it. If you have the same name as someone who becomes public enemy number 1, it’s near impossible to recover from.

  1. Those who ‘publicly shame’ should feel ashamed of themselves for being the person they come across. It is a fitting quote. One that speaks high volume in such a simple line.

    It’s an unfortunate and it happens quite often which is a hard thing to as you precisely put it, recover from but one must really try through the hardship. On a postive note, i do quite like the front cover of the book. 🙂

    • Among many questions, the book asks if the punishment handed out is too severe, and whether the shamers want the person to be given the chance to recover their reputation. The quote interested me because it suggests that as of when acting within a large group, your individual actions are easier to justify. It was published only two years ago, but could easily be updated for numerous more examples. And yes, his covers are always striking 🙂

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