Film Quizzes: One Word Films Part 2

I put up a quiz recently on one word films, ranging from 1927 to 2014. But that wasn’t enough. There really are so many really impressive ones that I just had to add an extra part. Will you do better than last time? Do you have a favourite of the 15 below?

Film Quiz one word films 1. (1950s)

Psycho 2. (1960s)

Badlands 3. (1970s)

Airplane film shirley 4. (1980s)

Fargo film Marge 5. (1990s)

Swingers 6. (1990s)

Film Quiz one word films 7. (1990s)

Gladiator 8. (2000s)

Serendipity airport scene 9. (2000s)

frostnixon 10. (2000s)

Tangled 11. (2010+)

Rush 12. (2010+)

Rene russo nightcrawler 13. (2010+)

Deadpool and girlfriend 14. (2010+)

Arrival quote 15. (2010+)

Answers below

1. Vertigo   (1958)

2. Psycho   (1960)

3. Badlands   (1973)

4. Airplane!   (1980)

5. Fargo   (1996) – May

6. Swingers   (1996) – July

7. Prefontaine  (1997)

8. Gladiator   (2000)

9. Serendipity   (2001)

10. Frost/Nixon   (2008)

11. Tangled   (2010)

12. Rush   (2013)

13. Nightcrawler  (2014)

14. Deadpool  (2016) – February

15. Arrival   (2016) – October


42 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: One Word Films Part 2

  1. wow. some were a bit tricky, but I somehow managed a perfect score Alex! #10 was the trickiest because i knew it but wasn’t sure if that’s really a one word title.

    NIce job as always Alex!

    • It’s not a film that got rave reviews, but I loved it. I really do think it’s heavily underrated. Really gets into the mindset of an athlete, and what was happening at the time he was in.

  2. ” Well stop the world”..I say, this was a favourite quiz of mine. I think you have chosen some very great movies, notably Vertigo, Pyscho and Fargo being firm favourites of mine. Not to forget your introduction to Badlands for me( thank you) which I adore too with it’s beautiful soundtrack.

    • There’s far more than you might think. Other I didn’t mention include Cinderella, Gaslight, Logan, Avatar, Titanic, Big, Akira, Zulu, Interstellar, Jumanji, Drive, Clerks, Casino, Magnolia, Aladdin etc

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