Things to See: Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of those places I’ve meant to go to for ages. Living in London it seems like I have no excuse, especially as friends of the family who live outside of the country have been before me.Β I finally decided it was time to go. I went with a friend (hi Tosha) who was also keen to visit the prehistoric site.

traffic by Stonehenge

nice layout pic

green grass pic



Located in Wiltshire, in the Southern part of England, it’s believed Stonehenge was constructed around 2000 to 3000 BC. It’s been a legally protected site as far back as 1882, and has long been one of the UK’s most famous landmarks. From London it takes about an hour to drive and a half to drive. The car park was spacious which was great. There is free wifi when you arrive for you to download the audio. You can buy tickets beforehand or on the day. There wasn’t a queue.

stonehenge light pic

light image

evening-lite shot

big rocks

nice shot

As the main building is a mile and a half away from the stones, you can either go by the free coach or walk up. It’s a straight line so you wouldn’t get lost. From the drop off point it’s a short walk where you do get to slowly see the impact of the stones as you get closer.It really is such a distinctive place. The circle is made up upright stones, that are each around 13 ft/4.1 m high, 6 ft 11 in/2.1 m wide and weighing around 25 tonnes. And yes, I did make the famous Spinal tap reference.

Funny photo

lone stonehenge pic

pretty flowers

thatched houses

Stonehenge interior

There’s also neolithic houses, a cafe, small museum and a merchandise shop. Β The flowers are pretty and there’s some nice paths for you to walk down. Really though, it will be the stones themselves that will stand out most. It really is incredible to think that over 4,500 years ago, people without anywhere even remotely close to the technology we have could have found a way to move these huge and heavy pieces. For extra detail check here.


29 thoughts on “Things to See: Stonehenge

      • Like I had a choice being tied up in the back of the trunk and all. Haha! Really, it was a lovely day and you really know your way around a stick shift Can’t be serious for a minute, can I? Thanks again for the hospitality and company. I’m lucky to call you friend and Der.

  1. Was there recently myself! It’s an amazing place! Though there were a lot more visitors the day I was there!

  2. I say this with absolutely no intention of raining on anyone’s parade, but man was I underwhelmed when I finally went and saw this. The idea of Stonehenge to me is far more fascinating than standing in the grass in between the freeway and in crowds looking at rectangular rocks. I’ve felt this way with oth3r places too, but Stonehenge has this mystique about it (or at least it did) so I think in my case the disappointment factor was notable. It was still an opportunity I’m glad I’ve had, but I can’t say I am desperate to go back.

    • Your opinion is always welcome. Stonehenge isn’t a place for everyone. Once is enough to see it. But i still found it interesting to get an insight into the world thousands of years ago and discover more about a British landmark. And as a Spinal Tap fan…

      • Oh for sure. The whole idea of Stonehenge’s existence is fascinating. Maybe it was more of a location thing. I really wasn’t expecting roads to be quite so close to the site. Like, I was expecting it to be more remotely located, you know?

      • I wasn’t even quite sure what to expect. Great place for puns. Stones throw away, wonder if they’ll play any rock music, not the Druids we’re looking for etc

    • What a great birthday present πŸ™‚ Amazing to think something from the past has lasted so long. And really, how little we know of its origins and how they moved the stones.

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