Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

Niles and Frasier

Frasier: I was drawn to the theatre because of its discipline and collaborative spirit!
Niles: Oh please, in your sixth grade production of “Oklahoma!” you took so many curtain calls, Mrs. Van Raphorst had to lasso you and pull you from the stage!
Frasier: That woman never understood me or the role of Farmer Number Three!

Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce in the supreme Seattle-based sitcom Frasier (1993 – 2004). I have quoted the multi-award winning show numerous times on my blog, and yet there is always so much more to quote. Make sure to check out my Gr8at post on Frasier and Niles for more examples of their sublime humour.


24 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Frasier

  1. Frasier is like Fawlty Towers in some ways. A team of comedians with some serious plotlines and other interactions which remind you of your kooky neighbor or bossy coworker. There were playful jabs at the snobbery of the two characters. I liked their father and Daphne. Frasier’s coworker was nice, a good balance to the team.
    Did you ever like “Wings?” It was a funny show and had several people leave to even bigger roles. Tony Shalhoub went on to be in “Monk.”
    Alex, I am not sure how we go in spurts but I am thankful to still be able to stay in touch. Happy summer to you! 🌞

    • I’ve sent Wings a few times when I was in Mexico. I think most of the main actors have gone onto big things too. Frasier and Seinfeld are my favourites. Frasier just had so many brilliant lines, but at the same time such strong and believable relationships. This was the last joke of theirs that made me chuckle.

      Frasier: The thought of a doctor selling things is kind of distasteful, isn’t it?
      Daphne: What about Dr Sneezy’s cold medicine?
      Frasier: Dr Sneezy is a cartoon character. The fact that he’s a giant purple hippopotamus probably should have tipped you off.

      • Aww, poor Daphne! She is sometimes the brunt of jokes. But not mean ones; dry, witty ones, Alex.
        The characters are on other current shows, you’re right. Tim Daly is on Madam Secretary as her husband. The other brother was on last summer’s “new” Dallas as a governor and is in movies as a character. Take it easy on Tuesday. 🙂

      • David Hyde Pierce had a really neat cameo in the latter series of The Good Wife. I heard a podcast with Kelsey Grammer too. He says he loved making the show and it’s always on TV whenever he puts it on ha.

      • They must make some great royalties, or I hope so! So glad to hear of their current or recent acting experiences, Alex. Thank you for adding these pieces of information.

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