Gr8at: Awesome Songs of 7 Minutes plus

While I usually focus on individual lines, I’ve done a few lengthier musical posts, like with covers better than the originals, impressive foreign language songs and songs to lighten your mood and make you smile. I’ve been listening to quite a lot recently, so thought I’d add another. The really talented bands can keep you listening for minutes on end and make you lose yourself, even just with one song. Limiting myself to one song per artist (and you’ll see most of them represented here), here are eight awesome tracks of seven minutes and above.  Feel free to share your favourites below.









33 thoughts on “Gr8at: Awesome Songs of 7 Minutes plus

  1. In the days when pop radio songs were only 2 minutes long, here come the Doors with these long mesmerizing pieces and changed everything! Great choices all!

  2. An interesting idea for a post Alex. It’s great to hear some of your choices. My favourite from the list would have to be Metallica. The guitar I troduction leaves alot to be desired.

  3. Great list! So many amazing lengthy songs out there. The Rain Song, No Quarter, In My Time of Dying, – Led Zeppelin can have a list of their own! I’d probably add Iron Maiden’s Empire of the Clouds, an 18-minute epic. 🙂

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