Film Quizzes: Rivals

I’m a big tennis fan so have been loving the French Open, which seems to have more storylines than ever. My post on Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova’s rivalry got me thinking about what examples there are in films. Below is a mixture of friends, families, industry competitors, students and athletes fighting for a myriad of reasons. Do you have a favourite? How many can you work out?

Film quiz - Rivals Film 1 1. (1950s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 2 2. (1960s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 3 3. (1980s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 4 4. (1980s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 5 5. (1980s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 6 6. (1980s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 7 7. (1990s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 8 8. (1990s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 9 9. (1990s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 10 10. (2000s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 11 11. (2000s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 12 12. (2000s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 13 13. (2010+)

MANHATTAN 14. (2010+)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 15 15. (2010+)

Answers below

1.  East of Eden   (1955)

2.  West Side Story   (1961)

3.  The Karate Kid   (1984) – August

4.  Amadeus   (1984) – September

5.  Rocky IV   (1985)

6.  Top Gun   (1986)

7.  White Men Can’t Jump   (1992)

8.  Legends of the Fall   (1994)

9.  Prefontaine   (1997)

10.  Zoolander   (2001)

11.  Mean Girls  (2004)

12.  The Prestige   (2006)

13.  Black Swan   (2010)

14.  Thor   (2011)

15.  Rush   (2013)


53 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Rivals

  1. 13 out of 15. I didn’t know Legends of the Fal, and I thought Rush was called Race. I know its a cheesy pick, but my favorite out of the films you have listed is “The Karate Kid.”

    • Yeah air cons be confusing. Rocky is the original fight. The second is the rematch. The third is when he fights Mr T. The fourth is when it’s USA v the Soviet Union and the fifth is best ignored.

  2. 13/15 I haven’t seen Mean Girls or Rush – what a really fabulous collection of films. I loved Prestige!

    • A brilliant score. And a thumbs up to you too for your love of the Christopher Nolan classic. You might recognise it here 😊

    • The first ones that came to mind were Rush, Top Gun, Amadeus and Prefontaine. But so many more seemed so obvious when I started thinking more about it. It was pretty straightforward to get a good mix between them.

  3. 13/15. I figured East of Eden or Giant but didn’t commit so no point there and I couldn’t name Prefontaine. Is that about Bruce Jenner? Or a marathon runner who lived a short life? Anyway, great post. 🙂

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