Gr8at: Favourite Sax Songs

I’ve been listening to so much music recently I thought I should do a more detailed music post. I decided to choose my eight favourite songs to feature a saxophone. There may be great ones in songs by Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd and Sade among others, but I just couldn’t leave any of these out. Do you know most of them?

One of the all-time great openings, from a beautiful song, from one of music’s greatest talents. You’re still so missed George. You can find the song quoted here, Last Christmas here or my favourite song of his A Different Corner here.

When you think the song can’t get any better, the glorious sax solo comes on. As well as referring to Roxy Music’s version here, I’ve also referenced it as one of the great covers and songs to whistle along to.

I’ve always been a huge Duran Duran fan, even long before I was really into music. Arguably their most famous song, certainly their most iconic video, the sax really does take this song onto further heights. As well as writing one of the best James Bond songs, their amazing discography includes What Happens Tomorrow and Ordinary World.

The lyrics look rather basic on paper, but a wonderful vocal (also seen on the James Bond track Goldeneye), catchy chorus and a fantastic sax solo really does make this song one of the memorable ones.

He may be most connected with The Eagles and songs like Hotel California and Lyin’ Eyes, but Glenn Frey also had success as a solo star.  This includes this memorable 80s track and its adrenalin-fuelled solo.

Good luck trying to sing this with the same effortless skill of lead singer Tony Hadley. This glorious pop effort hits all the right notes, helped by a delightful sax.

Never released a single, this track shows just how much talent the English duo had. There are a few lyrics, but really this is a gorgeous instrumental piece. You should also check out one of their more popular songs, Head Over Heels.

Well I just had to include this classic. Who doesn’t love Baker Street and that incredible riff?


21 thoughts on “Gr8at: Favourite Sax Songs

    • I don’t though I did play the guitar a bit (I stress a bit) at college. I was listening to the opening of Careless Whisper and it got me thinking of other ones out there.

    • Huey Lewis and the News were popular for sure. The song has an interesting background. The band claimed Who You Gonna Call for the Ghostbusters film had the same tune. It was settled but then the lead singer blabbed the details years later. As it was agreed that it was all secret, he got countersued by Ray Parker Jr., who wrote the Ghostbusters song.

  1. These were great to listen to Alex. I really like certain types of jazz and 80’s songs myself. Notably one that I love is Tim Capello- I Still Believe from the movie The Lost Boys. There is a solo sax part that is so unearthly to hear. You may like it. Them other jazz music i love are Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack and ofcourse Frank Sinatra himself. ..And Push it to the Limit by Paul Engermann that was played in scarface. ☺

      • I’m glad you like it as much as I do. I think I did well to avoid the sequel. It might have Corey Feldman but I just never had a good instinct about it. The character’s in the original just worked very well together.

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