Photograph: Victoria Park, London

Victoria park lake

Victoria park

I took these both on the same day when at Victoria Park by Bethnal Green. I couldn’t decide which one to pick, so decided to include them both.


29 thoughts on “Photograph: Victoria Park, London

  1. Both are lovely. The colour of the water is a welcome change to the Thames…
    And I always like photos and paintings with trees and their branches in dark contrast to the sky. 🙂

  2. These are very pretty’ve really captured a great scenic moment here. I also live in London and have been there a long time ago but I unfortunately haven’t travelled to many places..sometimes I feel tourists have seen more than I have heh. ☺

  3. Both are “stand alone” artistry displayed in photographs. The first fun picture has a shimmer effect and the duck caught mid-flight! The second is romantic and more precise, water level straight on. It is beautiful and memorable. This could be made into a greeting card, Alex. 🙂

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