Gr8at: Songs To Whistle Along To

I’ve been told I’m as good as whistling as I am singing. Which I’ve decided to take as a compliment and use it as inspiration for a post about some of the best whistling songs around. Featuring more one hit wonders than you might think (more here), please enjoy my eight favourite whistling songs that just beg you to join in. Do you have a favourite? Any others that you like?

Still one of my absolute songs. I’ve referenced it as a Line(s) of the Day and as one of the best cover versions ever. I’m far from alone in my admiration. It was Roxy Music’s only UK number one.


This number one US Smash by Swedish rockers Roxette bristles with rebellious energy from start to finish. Not as dominant in whistling as others in this list, but a wonderful song, from a band that also wrote one of the great love songs in Listen to Your Heart.


Despite it’s upbeat and addictive tune, Pumped Up Kicks has some rather dark and sinister lyrics. Whether you pay attention to them, it’s still near impossible not to whistle along.


Otis Redding never intended for the whistling in this song to be played in the finished version. Tragically, his untimely death meant he never got to write lyrics for the final verse.


Beginning with whistling, this energetic and wonderfully wacky tune by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a joy from start to finish.


They came and went like a comet, but in-between that, one hit wonders Peter Bjorn and John left behind this catchy song that chances are you’ll have heard in countless TV adverts.


A song that just deserves to start up a dancefloor out of nothing. Maroon 5 may be experts in writing ballads like She Will be Loved, but their funkier side is evident here too.


Well I just had to include one that is full of whistling, especially one of my favourite ever films. But even if you haven’t seen the masterpiece that is The Bridge on the River Kwai, you’ll probably still know it. It’s been referenced everywhere from The Simpsons and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to The Breakfast Club.


40 thoughts on “Gr8at: Songs To Whistle Along To

  1. Bryan Ferry trumps them all. I never knew there were so many whistling songs. Now I think you should find some whittling ones 😜 By the way, my dad toured with Otis Redding ome summer and he never lets us forget it ha ha

    Great list. Did you whistle while you worked?

    • Thanks. There are some great ones that don’t have whistling that have a great melody to them too. Gold by Spandau Ballet and Counting Stars by One Republic easily come to mind.

  2. Some really good songs here. If I might suggest two more because I always find myself whistling these: The Whistle Song from Kill Bill, and the theme song from the The Andy Griffith Show. Of course, both heavily feature actual whistling which makes it easy.

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