Film Quizzes -Memory Loss

I wanted an unusual topic for the latest quiz, so I thought why not do one on memory loss? It would be hard to forget after all. Answers are below, with any comments, suggestions or scores welcome as always.

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-1 1. (1940s)

spellbound-1945-film-images-7120f25a-2e70-4acb-826f-f98471ed588 2. (1940s)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-3 3. (1980s)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-4 4. (2000s)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-5 5. (2000s)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-6 6. (2000s)


film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-8 8. (2000s)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-9 9. (2000s)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-10 10. (2010+)

film-quizzes-memory-loss-film-11 11. (2010+)

FINDING DORY 12. (2010+)

Answers below

1. Random Harvest  (1942)

2. Spellbound  (1945)

3. Overboard  (1987)

4. Memento  (2000)

5. The Bourne Identity  (2002)

6. 50 First Dates  (2004) – February

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  (2004) – April

8. The Butterfly Effect  (2004) – April

9. The Hangover  (2009)

10. Shutter Island  (2010)

11. Before I Go to Sleep  (2012)

12. Finding Dory  (2016)


30 thoughts on “Film Quizzes -Memory Loss

    • Great score. Well done. I don’t think many people will get Random Harvest. I remember thinking it was going to be a lighter film than what is was. I read Before I go to Sleep but didn’t see it.

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