Line(s) of the Day #Seinfeldia


When Melhman went out into the “real world” beyond Seinfeld’s office walls, he found that everyone wanted in television wanted the “next Seinfeld”, but they didn’t want to take the risks necessary to make such a thing.  They wanted Seinfeld money, but they seemed to resent Seinfeld itself for breaking the rules of television. He would go in to pitch ideas to executives and hear, over and over, “That character’s not very likeable.” He’d thought Seinfeld had done away with likeability.

An anecdote by Peter Melhman as written by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong in her book Seinfeldia (2015). The book tells of the fascinating history of how a sitcom frequently voted the best ever came to be made, its impact on popular culture and how it shook up the rules of comedy. I’ve written quite a few posts on the show including an outline of the show and some of its most memorable quotes by its eponymous protagonist, Jerry Seinfeld.


8 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Seinfeldia

    • I do. I’ve watched all the extra features on each episode so thought I knew plenty, but this book really had a lot of detail. She spoke to all the people involved so loads of great insight and inside stories.

      • took me a few weeks, but i finally finished this book. wow! its was amazing, i learnt so much abt the show and everything that went on behind the scenes.

        Tnx Alex for recommending it to me!

      • So many amazing anecdotes. The Frank Sinatra one blew me away. The fact he was able to drive threw the city as everyone was watching the final episode blew me away. As did the president of the company making the Seinfeld cast breakfast.

      • So true!!! I actually loved the finale. Found it so perfect. Dunno why everyone hated it. I remember watching it live in the middle of the night at the same time it was aired in the states

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