Film Quizzes #MerylStreep

She may have been described as “overrated” by the 45th President of the USA Donald Trump recently, but Meryl Streep has long been considered one of the greatest actors ever. I haven’t done an actor-themed quiz for a while so thought why not do one for of the most versatile and decorated stars in the industry, who has been nominated 19 times for an Oscar, with 3 wins. How many of the films below do you recognise? Do you have a favourite?

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-1 1. (1970s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-2 2. (1970s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-3 3. (1970s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-4 4. (1980s)

Sophie's Choice 5. (1980s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-6 6. (1980s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-7 7. (1990s)

MSDRIWI EC019 8. (1990s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-9 9. (1990s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-10 10. (2000s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-11 11. (2000s)

Film Title: Mamma Mia! 12. (2000s)

19.hd150_0020B_L1TK2_0145.tiff.dng 13. (2000s)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-14 14. (2010+)

film-quizzes-meryl-streep-film-15 15. (2010+)

Answers below

1. The Deer Hunter  (1978)

2. Manhattan  (1979)

3. Kramer versus Kramer  (1979)

4. The French Leutinenant’s Woman  (1981)

5. Sophie’s Choice  (1982)

6. Out of Africa  (1985)

7. Death Becomes Her  (1992)

8. The River Wild  (1995)

9. The Bridges of Madison County  (1995)

10. The Hours  (2002)

11. The Devil Wears Prada  (2006)

12. Mamma Mia  (2008)

13. Fantastic Mr Fox  (2009)

14. The Iron Lady  (2011)

15. Florence Foster Jenkins  (2016)


46 thoughts on “Film Quizzes #MerylStreep

  1. And she got one new nomination today!
    Congrats, Meryl!

    This Meryl superfan got two wrong! Forgot about the title of The Bridges of Madison County and mistook River Wild for A River Runs Through It. Oh well, 13 out of 15 is still good!

    • I’m not sure anyone else would agree with him. She’s got an astonishing range. Nice choice. Mine is A Devil Wears Prada. She’s so effortless and assertive and yet funny too at the right times.

  2. Hi Alex! I got about 8 right, wow amazing how her career’s practically never slowed down! That said, I think Amy Adams should’ve been nominated for Oscar’s Best Actress this year instead of her.

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