Line(s) of the Day #NCIS


Anthony DiNozzo: What’s pretty boy mumbling about now?
Timothy McGee: How long can you hold a grudge?
Anthony DiNozzo: He broke my nose!
Timothy McGee: And he dislocated my shoulder, OK.
Anthony DiNozzo: Well you have another shoulder. I only have one nose. And it’s on my face. My face!

Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray in the long-running crime show NCIS (2003 – ). Named for the fictional Naval Criminal Investigation Service, the show is known for its great teamwork, clever deductions and light-hearted office humour.


15 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #NCIS

    • They make the show. I never realised how popular NCIS was. I saw the one recently where DiNozzo makes a new friend who gets all his film references and dresses the same way. McGee is so jealous!

      • I didn’t get into it until I was stuck one day at my in-laws and my father in law watched it for hours straight. I was hooked!

      • It wasn’t that popular for the first few series but then sort of exploded in popularity. Quite a few people I know watch it which I wasn’t expecting.

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