Film Quizzes: 2016 Films

2016 will always be remembered as a politically volatile year and one which included all kinds of tragic deaths in the world of entertainment. George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman, Prince and David Bowie were among the many creative talents that passed far too soon. There were also another new set of films, with superhero blockbusters, friendly animation and comedies among them. How many of the 15 (in no particular order) do you know? Which ones stood out to you? Feel free to compare your score to last year.

film-quiz-2016-films-film-1 Film 1

film-quiz-2016-films-film-2 Film 2

film-quiz-2016-films-film-3 Film 3

film-quiz-2016-films-film-4 Film 4

film-quiz-2016-films-film-5 Film 5

film-quiz-2016-films-film-6 Film 6

film-quiz-2016-films-film-7 Film 7

film-quiz-2016-films-film-8 Film 8

film-quiz-2016-films-film-9 Film 9

film-quiz-2016-films-film-10 Film 10

film-quiz-2016-films-film-11 Film 11


film-quiz-2016-films-film-13 Film 13

film-quiz-2016-films-film-14 Film 14

film-quiz-2016-films-film-15 Film 15

Answers below

1.  Arrival

2.  Zootropolis

3.  X-Men: Apocalypse

4.  The BFG

5.  Finding Dory

6.  Doctor Strange

7.  Sully

8.  Rogue One

9.  Ghostbusters

10.  Moana

11.  Eddie the Eagle

12.  Deadpool

13.  Everybody Wants Some!!

14. The Nice Guys

15.  Captain America: Civil War


52 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: 2016 Films

      • Bearing in mind I missed a TON of titles this year, I had a fantastically fun theater experience with the Magnificent Seven. I’m a fan of the original, and while the adaptation wasn’t nearly as smart or well-written, I was engaged in the action, characters, and story. My favorite of the year? I can’t go so far as to assign it that label, but I sure did enjoy it!

  1. I got a full 15/15. Some say I’ve wasted my time, spending all year at the cinema. I regret nothing. I didn’t speak to my mates for a full 365 days just so I could complete this quiz!

      • Out of that 15, I’d have to say Arrival was the best and – sigh – Ghostbusters was the worst. I was SO looking forward to it being good; then I was just SO looking forward to it being over. What about you?

      • Arrival closely followed by Rogue One. I didn’t see Ghostbusters which sounded like a good move as reviews from everyone were pretty poor. Really didn’t like The BFG at all.

  2. Whoo-hoo! Only seen seven, but I knew all fifteen! I credit all the reviews I’ve read over the year more than what I’ve seen. A Happy New Year, Alex, and may it be better than the last!

  3. There are a few here I haven’t seen.
    I don’t normally watch scary movies but I’m watched a couple of mild ones to get a fix on seeing ghosts, this reminded me that I have far to good an overactive imagination to watch scarey films.

    The films I watched
    The Others and Sixth Sense.

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