Line(s) of the Day #ADifferentCorner


I’d say love was a magical thing
I’d say love would keep us from pain
Had I been there, had I been there.

A Different Corner from the Music from the Edge of Heaven album (1986) has long been one of my favourite George Michael songs. With its heartfelt lyrics and gorgeous vocals, it really does highlight how special he was. A UK number one, it was written, sung, played produced and arranged by George himself, the first British person to do so. I never thought I would be writing a George Michael dedication for quite some time, 53 is no age at all. George had a ridiculous amount of talent and as long as I can remember listening to music he was always around. I even quoted one of his lyrics for Last Christmas only a few weeks ago. It’s also clear from the many tributes just how kind, caring and generous he was.


13 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #ADifferentCorner

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      • It’s such a sad loss to the music world. He had done so much for charities and was a kind man. My favourite album is Listen without Prejudice…my favourite song is Mother’s Pride. The voice, words, music arrangement give me goosebumps every time I hear it. What’s your favourite song?

      • I know. He’d obviously asked for a lot of them to be kept quiet too. A Different Corner, Careless Whisper, Killing for Time and his cover of Somebody to Love. Mother’s Pride is great too.

      • Yeah he was very quiet about his generosity. It is sad that the good news only comes out wen it is too late. I also think that George deserved to become a Sir like so many others.

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