Gr8at: 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

As a lover of animals, photography and comedy, I just had to include The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography awards, which I saw on the Yahoo website. As well as highlighting the humour within the animal kingdom, the awards also serve as highlighting awareness of global conservation efforts. I’ve chosen eight of the most memorable images from the winning entries. Do you have a favourite? You might also be interested to see how they compare to these neatly timed animal shotsΒ which I posted a while back.


Angela Bohike spotted this not so Fantastic Mr Fox


Perdita Peltz with a shot of a squirrel that looks like its composing an orchestra.


Adam Parsons took this delightfully timed photo of a ‘winged bear’.


Who couldn’t love this adorable polar bear? Philip Marazzi captured things wonderfully.Β 


Anhup Deodar managed to see this lizard as though ready for action.


There’s always one isn’t there? Mario Gustavo Firoucci took this owl family photo.


Vaughn Jessnitz saw this cheetah following the speed rules.


Rob Kroenert neatly captured this ‘fish out of water’ moment.

39 thoughts on “Gr8at: 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  1. Yes, I saw this too. What an amazing idea πŸ™‚ I loved the owl family – trying to figure out ” What the hell just happened” and the attitude of that lizard – “whoa”.
    Cheetah one actually seems a bit sad – seeing loved one go away …

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