Gr8at: Hidden Worlds Photography

I spotted this Hidden Worlds competition from the website Photocrowd, where those entering were asked to “look at architecture from a different perspective and reveal places where we can escape or let our imagination run free”. Such a creative prompting received all manners of interpretation. Below are my favourite eight. Do you have a favourite? What theme do you think would make a great idea for a photographic competition?


This extraordinary shot by Kyle Damon Parr shows the creative possibilities of light and shadow in a forgotten tunnel.


During an eight-day caving expedition, Pal Szilagyi Palko took this superbly framed and contrasting image.


This seeming photo within a photo of a photo of a photo Ansazi pubelo in Mesa Verdi was shot by Pavel Pesek.


Erika Eros saw the artistic and futuristic imagery within a Romanian salt mine.


PhotoByjewell sneaked into a factory in Atlanta that once used to serve the community with food and water. She was rewarded with a photograph that is a wonderful mix of dark and light and nature and nature and faded industry.


This setting may appear out of a Goonies adventure, but it was in fact shot by Ville Bogdanoff in a dead Sequoia tree in Yosemite National Park.


Owzat? Matthew Dartford shows us what remains of Guist Cricket Pavilion in this beautiful tribute to the past.


Has a closed underground station ever looked more striking? Susan took this shot at the out of use Aldwych tube station in London.

10 thoughts on “Gr8at: Hidden Worlds Photography

  1. Wow that caving expedition shot and the dead Sequoyah tree ones are magnificent. As is the first one of the tunnel, nearly forgot about that too!

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