Things to See: Marvel Universe Live

As my posts on Marvel, such as a dedicated film quiz, and quotes from Iron Man, Thor: A Dark World and Ant-Man show, I am a fan of the Marvel superhero universe. So when I saw tickets for the Marvel Universe Live at the 02 I just had to go. As my birthday and my sister’s were around that weekend it turned out like a double birthday present.





We arrived in plenty of time so we were able to see all the merchandise and people dressed as their favourite hero. The queues weren’t too bad which was helpful. I bought the grey shirt. No face painting though! There was a warm up act which involved someone throwing a sort of boomerang but what stood out most was the ceiling. It was clear there was going to be plenty of lights and stunts.





A series of montages then came up of different characters. The story then begins with Iron Man being bored and wondering what the other superheroes are up too. He calls up, among other, a courteous Captain America, an all-action Black Widow and Spider-Man, who literally drops in. Without a mission though, there’s nothing to connect them.





However, things soon change. While Thor has destroyed the Tesseract or Cosmic Cube and split it into three parts, Loki has created his own by using the mutant energy of a kidnapped Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops. Iron Man is able to round up Hawkeye, Falcon, Black Widow, Thor, The Hulk (in Bruce Banner form), Captain Marvel and The Falcon, and with the help of Nick Fury and Maria Hill, are able to rescue Wolverine. Loki however is aided by his soldiers and escapes with Storm and Cyclops.





The heroes need to regather their thoughts and get organised. They then form into three groups to find the three different parts of the Cosmic Cube. No one tells Wolverine what to do though! As a fellow rage sufferer, Bruce goes with him. Within the three parts are three different sets of villains , including Loki, Green Goblin, Rhino, The Lizard, Killian, Red Skull, and Madam Hydra. These are complimented by other enemies from the Marvel Universe (films and comics) including Hydra agents, Chitauri, Extremis soldiers and Electro.





After a series of epic battles, and a late appearance by The Hulk himself, order is restored. It really was a fun show. The dialogue kept the spirit of the characters and the storyline was fun without being too complex. The action scenes were superb, including the use of arm to arm combat, airborne stunts and motorbike tricks, including a 360 aerial in the air.


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