Film Quizzes: Marvel Films

After going to the Marvel Universe event at the 02 over the weekend, I thought why not do a quiz about films made from characters from the comic books. I have done three previous quizzes on superheroes (lonegroup and 20 Century) but there are so films on Marvel creations that I wanted to do a bonus length specific one. Do you have a favourite Marvel character? Do you prefer the ones set in the universe or previous ones?

film-quizzes-marvel-film-1 1. (1990s)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-2 2. (2000s)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-3 3. (2000s)

Fantastic Four (2005) Jessica Alba (foreground) 4. (2000s)

Iron Man 5. (2000s)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-6 6. (2000s)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-7 7. (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Marvel Film 8.jpg 8. (2010+)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-9 9. (2010+)

THOR (Chris Hemsworth) (L) and CAPTAIN AMERICA (Chris Evans) (R) 10. (2010+)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-11 11. (2010+)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-12 12. (2010+)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-13 13. (2010+)

film-quizzes-marvel-film-14 14. (2010+)

Film Quizzes - Marvel Film 15.jpg 15. (2010+)

Answers below

1. Blade  (1997)

2. Daredevil  (2003)

3. Elektra  (2005 – Jan)

4. Fantastic 4  (2005 – July)

5. Iron Man  (2008 – May)

6. The Incredible Hulk  (2008 – June)

7. X-Men Origins: Wolverine  (2009)

8. Thor  (2011)

9. Captain America: The First Avenger  (2011)

10. The Avengers  (2012)

11. The Amazing Spiderman  (2012 – July)

12. Guardians of the Galaxy  (2014)

13. Ant-Man  (2015 )

14. Deadpool  (2016 – Feb)

15. X-Men: Apocalypse  (2016 – July)


42 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Marvel Films

      • I keep shuffling between old and new movies. Lastly I saw Ant-Man on TV. Haven’t been able to re-watch any.

        Favorite hero & villain? Do I have to chose one? hehe Marvel Universe is huge and with every comic and movie we find ourselves fighting to stay faithful to only one hero/villain. Mine would be Wolverin, Prof X, Storm, Gene Grey, Iron Man & Hulk while Villain Thanos, Galactus, Loki & Gene Grey (When she gets all bad). What about you?

        PS. You think they did judgement to Apocalypse’s character in the latest X-men movie?

        Pss. Sorry for the long comment.

      • No apology needed at all 🙂 I didn’t like the villain in X-Men Apocalypse much, but the 4 horsemen characters were great. Especially with Pyslocke. Can’t wait for the Gambit film.

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