Gr8at: Hilarious Simpsons Clips

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Simpsons. At its peak it really was astonishingly witty, sharp and hilarious. I’ve done two posts in recent times, one on its visual jokes and one on its wit, but I thought it was about time I did one on funny scenes. Below are eight of my favourites. Do you recognise many of them? Which character did you like most?

There’s a longer clip on Lionel Hutz for those that have the time that showcases his true talents in the show, but even in a short scene you can see how impeccable Phil Hartman’s timing was. Even in one of my first posts I was raving about him.


The picture quality may not be great, but it still shows how The Simpsons’ could get away with a style of humour you wouldn’t see in other comedies. Mind you, I never could see Homer as a chairman 😉


Arguably the most famous Simpsons clip, and most certainly one of the funniest. According to the Behind the Laughter episode, Homer did all the stunts himself.


Even if you haven’t seen Raiders of the Lost Arc (and there can’t be many), this action packed scene can’t fail to crack you up.


It’s certainly a memorable way to meet your doppelganger. I found this scene really funny even before I knew what the word incognito meant when I first saw it as a young kid.


The X Files was such a big show growing up I remember there being big excitement when the Simpsons special was announced. I wasn’t a huge fan of the episode overall, but this joke was hysterical.


I like to think Homer and me have little in common, but one is our lack of skill in the DIY department.


This may be in Spanish but as it’s from one of my favourite episodes I just had to include it. After impersonating Krusty for a while, Homer realises that Krusty actually owes the mafia some money.  When Krusty stumbles onto the scene, he realises that they can’t kill him if he doesn’t know which one is the real Krusty.


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