Gr8at: The Last Songs I’ve listened to

Continuing with ‘Alex Week’, I thought I’d share the last eight songs I listened to that I haven’t ever referenced on a blog post. Do you have a favourite among them? What songs have you been listening to recently?









19 thoughts on “Gr8at: The Last Songs I’ve listened to

  1. Over last weekend before Labor Day weekend, I was waiting on a date to come pick me up. I listened to the Best of~ “REO Speedwagon” and “Huey Lewis and the News.” Fun stuff. I also like to listen to the Eagles. I am way behind on reading but appreciate your recent visit, Alex. πŸ™‚

    • The Eagles are amazing. I was aware of Hotel California before I remember being that into music. And they’ve written so many great ones like Take it Easy, Life in the Fast Lane and Lyin’ Eyes. The documentary was very revealing!

    • A while back I did a post on Songs to Put You in a Good Mood. This could easily have made it in. I saw a show on Britain’s most popular Carpenters song. It won actually. I will look out for the post πŸ˜„

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