Three Year Bloggerversary Post

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It’s been three years since my first blog post so I just had to celebrate such a special anniversary. And one even more special than the six monthone year and two year bloggersversarys.

Within the past year I’ve discovered so many wonderful new blogs. And the ones I’ve been following before that have come such a long way too. As I’ve said before and will always believe, this blog is nothing without the people who read it and those who offer their thoughts and opinions. It’s also been a pleasure getting to know quite a few of you in real life too.

I don’t normally post pictures of myself here, but I thought why not do something a little different. I hope you enjoy this maverick set of recent-ish photos. Feel free to ask about the context or fashion involved. Continuing on that theme, if any of you have any questions you want to ask me about myself or the blog, you’re more than welcome to ask them below.


90 thoughts on “Three Year Bloggerversary Post

  1. Congratulations, Alex! I hope once work calms down in the fall to stay better connected. I am at the library now letting everyone know how much I enjoy their posts! We have 3 days off from the hot warehouse but must come back and work 4 eleven hour days to “catch up!” Yikes!
    Hope you have a nice picnic or family gathering , Alex! 🙂

  2. Happy blogging anniversary. Congratulations on three years. May you happily blog for many years to come.

    I have a few questions

    1. How do you get that sexy just our of bed look to your hair?

    2. What’s your top three favorite all time posts (of yours)

    3. I know you are a very gifted writer, when can we expect to see more of your talent on display here?

  3. HAPPY 3 YEAR BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!

    I am SO happy I stumbled upon your blog through this crazy bloggesphere! You sure know how to entertain your readers and I think your regular comments are a testament to that. I always enjoy reading your blog and the particular lines you choose from often iconic pop-culture pieces that have defined generations, formulate thoughts, and encapsulate a moment in time. Thank you, Alex, for all that you have done for the blogging world.

    As for my questions I would like to know the following:

    What are some the challenges you faced blogging?

    Any advice you would give to bloggers our there?

    What songs are you listening to most (these days)?

    What is your favorite movie of all time?

    What are some of your favorite spots in your hometown?

    What is your favorite word?

    What is your least favorite word?



    • What lovely words. You know how big a fan of you and your blog I am.

      1. The main problem for me in blogging is following so many great blogs. There are times I fall behind. Relating to mine, I don’t tend to lack for ideas, but i’d find it impossible to blog every day. Those that do get my full admiration.

      2. Make an effort to read others and don’t read too much into stats are definitely solid blogging tips. I’d add that if you take a break from blogging let people know.
      It’s polite and everything, but also gives people the chance to wish you well and guess what your posts after your breaks will be about.

      3. I’ve been listening a lot to Explosions in the Sky, The Stone Roses, Alt-J and The National recently. Also some film soundtracks. Plus this song. And yes, I have been singing along to it totally out of tune.

      4. A long-time favourite film, The Third Man. A total joy to all the senses and one of the most thought-provoking character studies out there. One of my earliest blog posts too.

      5. Can I cheat and say London? 😉 Around Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus and Covent Garden you have all the bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres, plus St James’ Park and Buckingham Palace. If I was answering my home town, I’d go with my local park. One of my favourite comedies Miranda even had plenty of scenes shot there.

      6. Ethereal and euphoria are just wonderful words.

      7. I hate turgid. I wish sports writers would find another word when describing a boring match.

      The photos were a late decision. Glad you liked them so much.

  4. PS. I failed to mention how handsome your male friends are. 😜 Was that “cheeky”?

    I suppose I could add you’re pretty okay yourself. Ha!

    You know I think you’re dreamy. All the cool lkids do

    Congrats agaiin from your number one snarky fan. Stay witty, bright, bold and beautiful. All best, T.

    • I’m never sure how to spell it ha. I think we all have different spellings. Thanks so much Claire. You know how much I like your blog. And that offer of you opening a bakery in London still holds 🙂

  5. Woohoo, way to go!! Nice to see photos of you with your friends too — hey we do have lives outside of WordPress hehe 😉 Here’s to many more years ahead for your great blog

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