Gr8at: Stylish Rio Olympic Shots

The Rio Olympics may be over, but it provided some fantastic images among the drama. So much so that I couldn’t let it pass without showing you some of the incredible images that were captured. I’ll be putting up a post soon on dramatic sporting moments, but I wanted to do one first on the more stylish photographs taken. How much of the Olympics did you see? What was your favourite sport to watch?

fencing pic

Matthias Hangst (Getty Images) captures the seemingly poetic art that happens when Aldo Montano of Italy fought Fares Ferjani of Tunisia.


The incredible backdrop of Rio can be seen in the Windsurfers RSX Womens race taken by Bernat Armangue (AP).

brazilian gymnastics

Rebeca Andrade of Brazil really does fly through the air, as seen by Alex Livesey at Getty Images

tom daley

The background was sensational when Great Britain’s Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow were in the men’s 10m synchro diving competition at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre. Tom Jenkins for the Guardian does the honours.

fencers colours

Sergei Illnitsky (EP) used a slow exposure effect when photographing France’s Lauren Rembi and Emes Szasz of Hungary in the women’s épée individual semi-final.

Tom daley 10m platfrom as taken by Francois-xavier Marit Getty images

Tom Daley’s elegant grace when diving off the 10m platfrom as photographed by Francois-Xavier Marit (Getty Images).

David Ramos Getty Images

David Ramos (Getty Images) shows us a deliberately artistic interpretation of the Women’s Omnium.

Kevin Lamarque reuters open water swimmers

The water may have been filthy but Kevin Lamarque (Reuters) was still able to take such a great image of some male open water swimmers.


34 thoughts on “Gr8at: Stylish Rio Olympic Shots

    • There were many cool moments. As a Brit, it was incredible. So proud of them all. I wasn’t that thrilled with the opening ceremony either but it did have the right message I guess.

  1. I watched most of the sports on TV (especially because Canal + had the rights), but fencing was the most spectacular to me. I didn’t know anything about it, but learned a lot from the commentators, who themselves were former Olympic champions.

    I like how there are only two persons on stage, and how quiet it gets when the duel is on; one little touch is enough to win you something! It was even more intense in the Women’s final. There were two Russians and during half time, they could not converse with their coaches because they were trained by the same person! So they were left alone on stage with their thoughts. That was extreme intense, as is the sport itself, with camera shots and everything else. 🙂

    • I tried watching the fencing but I really struggled to understand the rules. It is very graceful and elegant though. The Russians were lethal. They knocked out the Brits twice on the men’s side.

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