Line(s) of the Day #EdwardWilson

edwardwilson exhibition

God knows I am sorry to be the cause of sorrow to anyone in this world, but everyone must die and for every death there must be sorrow. All the things I had hoped to do with you after this exhibition are as nothing now, but there are greater things for us to do in the world to come. My only regret is leaving you to struggle in this world alone, but I may be coming to you in a quicker way. I feel so happy now in having had time to write to you. One of my notes will surely reach you. Dad’s little compass and Mother’s little comb are in my pocket. Your little testament and prayer book will be in my hand or in my breast pocket when the end comes. All is well.

The letter left behind by British doctor and explorer Edward Wilson (23 July 1872 – 29 March 1912) to his wife. ‘Uncle Bill’ Wilson (pictured far left) was part of the failed Antarctic expedition team that perished 12 miles from their next food depot after a severe blizzard stopped them. I’ve also quoted Robert Falcon Scott, the leader of the group, and his famous words, here.


12 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #EdwardWilson

  1. How sad so close but far away from their final meal. . . Happy weekend to you, Alex! As promised am flying by your posts now to leave a “wake” of waves and likes! 🙂 🙂

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