Line(s) of the Day #JuanMartindelpotro

Juan Martin del Potro

I don’t know him. For two years I was at home, watching `The Simpsons.’

Argentinian tennis star Juan Martin del Potro when asked if he knew anything about his next opponent John-Patrick Smith. The 2009 winner of the US Open has had rotten luck with injuries, and played only 14 matches in two years.


9 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #JuanMartindelpotro

    • Yeah. I remember him being interviewed after his win against Federer in 2009 and he came across really well. His English wasn’t so strong then which only made it seem more adorable.

    • It was his first ATP match in 11 months. He’s had such rotten luck in the past four years. As big a fan as I am of him, I hope he doesn’t play well against Britain in the David Cup.

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