Line(s) of the day #KennethWolstenholme


It is only twelve inches high… It is solid gold… And it undeniably means England are the champions of the world.

After England were unceremoniously dumped out of Euro 2016 after their woeful, atrocious, dreadful, abysmal, dire, abominable, horrendous, wretched, rotten, terrible, shameful, shocking and, erm, poor 2-1 defeat to Iceland, a reminder of happier times. 50 years ago England beat Germany 4-2 in the final of the World Cup to be crowned football champions of the world. Bobby Moore, the late England captain, is seen picking up the Jules Rimet trophy, memorably described by commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme.

14 thoughts on “Line(s) of the day #KennethWolstenholme

  1. Ah the lens of nationality!!! For we Scots 1966 and all that is something we’d rather ignore whereas last night….. I couldn’t help myself and sort of enjoyed it!! Although am regretting that now as my family would like me to leave London and go back to ‘where I belong!’ So hope they don’t read this!!

    • Not just you. The Welsh players seemed pretty happy too. It was a shame the Scots couldn’t have made it but it was a tricky qualifying group and they should make the next Euros.

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