TV Quiz: Political TV Shows

With the European news being dominated by the UK’s decision to leave the EU, I thought it was only fitting to do a politically-themed quiz. So with the shockwaves of Brexit still being felt, here are 15 past and present TV shows that capture different moods, mavericks and mindsets within the political landscape. It is one of the tougher ones I will do, so no worries if you struggle. While my picture quizzes are usually film-based, for those interested I have also done TV ones before, with American drama and cartoons.

TV quiz - Politics TV 1  1.

Yes Minister  2.

TV quiz - Politics TV 3  3.

TV quiz - Politics TV 4  4.

TV quiz - Politics TV 5  5.

TV quiz - Politics TV 6jpg  6.

TV quiz - Politics TV 7jpg  7.

TV quiz - Politics TV 8  8.

TV quiz - Politics TV 9  9.

TV quiz - Politics TV 10  10.

TV quiz - Politics TV 11  11.

TV quiz - Politics TV 12  12.

TV quiz - Politics TV 13  13.

TV quiz - Politics TV 14jpg  14.

Political Animals - Season 1  15.

Answers below

1.  House of Cards

2.  Yes Minister

3.  The West Wing

4.  The Thick of It

5.  Borgen

6.  Boss

7.  Madam Secretary

8.  Spin City

9.  Scandal

10. Commander-in-Chief

11.  Homeland

12.  Veep

13.  Parks and Recreation

14.  The New Statesman

15.  Political Animal


44 thoughts on “TV Quiz: Political TV Shows

  1. Couldnt get the British ones right, but got almost all the American ones right.
    Also, you just reminded me how much i LOVE the first two seasons of Homeland. Need to watch them again sometime.

  2. I got 5. I’ve had the DVDs of The West Wing for two years and I haven’t found the time to watch it yet. I got them all after finishing The Newsroom, hoping to get more Sorkin-awesomeness.

    • It is yeah. I’ve not seen it but my family have and they really love it. I’ve seen a few Scandinavian drams like The Bridge and The Killing but there’s so many quality ones.

      • I should check it out at some point. Hopefully it’s on Amazon or Hulu as I don’t think it’s on Netflix.

  3. I only knew 4 or 5 though I smiled A LOT when I saw The New Statesman 🙂

    Maybe I should stick to Malcolm in the Middle and Simpsons – more my brain level! Haha.

  4. Fantastic quiz mate, you’re really schooled me. Here’s what I missed, I recognised The New Statesman and In the Thick of It but couldn’t name them so no points there. Saw Political Animal on a DVD shelf once but couldn’t name it either. Borgen I have no idea what that it. Tell me more. Interestingly have never seen Boss or Scandal but knew what they were called. The difference in ratings between those two is vastly different as well. All the rest I knew but they’re all bona fide classics. I really need to check out Scandal. Really great quiz mate. Tough one. So what can you tell me about Borgen?

    • My sis watched every episode and loved it. She’s been desperate for me to see it. I will get round to it. Boss was fun, but it was never going to last long. It was worth it just to see how incredible Kelsey is. What did he do with Frasier Crane haha?

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