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sis and I

Last week I went with my sister to see a band I’d wanted to see for quite some time, Explosions in the Sky.  I’ve been a fan ever since I heard their third album The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place, which just blew my mind. It really was one of the best things I’ve ever heard. So when tickets became available in November last year I just had to go and see them. I’ve been fortunate to see great performances from artists such as Depeche Mode,  Coldplay, U2 and Duran Duran, and this was right up there. Like with Arcade Fire, I just had to write about the experience and share my photos.

early photo royal albert hall

we were promised jepacks royal albert hall

we were promised jetpacks

Explosions.. have done plenty of London gigs before, but this is the first time they’ve performed in the Royal Albert Hall. I usually see my gigs in Wembley, the O2 or Brixton Academy so it was nice to see somewhere a bit different, especially as the acoustics are so good. On first were We Were Promised Jetpacks, a promising Scottish indie rock band with a great sound. Quite a few seats were empty when they first started performing but they soon grabbed the crowd’s attention. I hope they go onto bigger things.

Black and white music magic

Black and white symmetry


Though their sound is instrumental and melodic, they really did manage to generate a wonderful atmosphere. They didn’t say much between songs, but the way they moved and played conveyed how they manage to capture the emotion and sensitivity within each song. Though they’re described as post-rock they themselves see themselves as an instrumental rock band who can use riffs and choruses like pop songs.

blue light haze

explosions in the sky red diagonal

red dominated light

But what added to the music was the light show. It wasn’t too distracting and fitted the theme, with a nice range of black and white, blue, red and green. When I saw Godpseed You Black Emperor, who have parallels with their musical style, the atmosphere was more low-key and intimate. Here it felt like Explosions… could rock like other bands. Fittingly, they ended with their best known song, Your Hand in Mine, which really did bring the place down.



40 thoughts on “Reviews and Other Features: Explosions in the Sky

  1. Thanks for posting this Alex. I’ll admit, I’ve never heard their music before..but reading this made me want to listen. So I punched them up on my Spotify app. I enjoy classical instrumental music a great deal and it goes a long way in inspiring my writing. I can say that I feel the emotion in their music very strongly! It almost reminds me of an artist called Kitaro that I was introduced to through a college roommate when I was in art school.
    Very cool of you to share this with me! Thank you.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the concert!

  2. I love Explosions in the Sky, man. Some great atmospheric photos, too. Suits the music just perfectly.

      • You’re welcome. They’re great photos. Your sister is beautiful and you look handsome (even the facial is not entirely hideous) Strategically, places backhanded compliment and an advertisement for Gillette on the page and slowly types her way back to her site.

  3. Surely you’ve had a magical evening, Alex!
    Of those reported to you in words and pictures, internationally known bands have created an amazing show! ❤ 🙂

  4. This looks like an amazing comcert and so happy you went to this with your sister, Alex. I always like a heads up on new or unique music. I am at the library so don’t want to purchase ear buds but will check this band out! 🙂

      • You’re lucky you live in London! I’ve been dying to see something, anything at Royal Albert Hall. I think The Phantom of The Opera was shown there at one point, boy I’d love to see that! I’m more of a classical music gal and POTO is one of my fave musicals.

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