Line(s) of the Day #MalcolmInTheMiddle

Dewey and Hal

Dewey: Now there’s no way to feel better. Now I have to feel bad [that his grandmother lost her leg saving him]
Hal: Dewey, maybe you can try and see it this way. Your grandmother, she is the most horrible woman who ever lived. But, even she understands the difference between a life that’s been lived and a life with potential. You wanna pay her back? Live up to that potential. And if you think about it, you might have done her a big favour. Let’s face it. Saving your life is her only chance of her getting into heaven. Which, isn’t going to make you that popular in heaven. But we’ll deal with that later.

Erik Per Sullivan and Bryan Cranston in the hugely popular family sitcom Malcolm in the Middle (2000 – 2006). You can find more examples of its wacky humour here and here.


17 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #MalcolmInTheMiddle

  1. I actually remember that episode!!!!

    I’m the biggest Breaking Bad fan ever, but in my heart I believe this was Cranston’s best ever role. The whole programme was great but Hal made it really great.

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