Things to See: London Super Comic Convention

As mentioned in a recent post which concentrated on the celebratory outfits, I went to the London Super Comic Convention, the first time I’d been to anything like it. As someone who has seen every possible Sheldon t-shirt reference and likes to see himself as London’s Gambit, I couldn’t hold off any longer. I had to go and head down to the Excel Arena and see what it was like.

London Super Comic Convention logo

Image credit

Tales of Midnight

I was also there to congratulate my friend Francis. He had a stall for his Tales of Midnight series, which recently signed a global distribution deal with comic book giant Markosia.   The future is looking very bright for a comic book character who is most at home in the dark, and I couldn’t be happier for its very talented creator.


comic shot

Flynn Rider

Walking Dead

Being there also meant being able to see some of the highly skilled artwork and the artists behind it. It’s quite humbling to see how much ability these people have and how can they produce more in a few moments than I could do in countless attempts. It’s also nice when they share their portfolio. Bonus points if you got the above picture references The Walking Dead.

There will always be plenty of debates as to who the most popular superhero is (but though Star Wars was well represented and there were different ComicCon girls), the most visible presence was the Dark Knight himself. In various forms of course. Do you have a favourite superhero or villain? Have you ever been to a comic book party or event?



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