Line(s) of the Day #MalcolmintheMiddle

Malcolm and Stevie

Stevie Kenarban: You keep your money in a book?

Malcolm: Yeah, it’s the one place no one in my family will ever look.

Craig Lamar Traylor and Frankie Muniz in Malcolm in the Middle (2000 – 2006), which told of a boy genius’ hilarious struggles to interact with his classmates and madcap family. You can find another of the show’s humour here.


26 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #MalcolmintheMiddle

  1. I LOVE this show!!! And even the great Walter White will always (secretly) be Hal to me, he was sooooo funny and a fantastic actor even back then. I love all of them though, the family and the friends, the secondary characters, every series too. It’s a one-off a bit like The Simpsons, nothing will ever be like it again πŸ™‚

      • The roller skating scene. And even the conversation beforehand “you spent 900 dollars on sequins?”
        “they were for the car!” – what!

      • I know. I couldn’t get the song out of my head for ages ha. Do you remember the scene when Dewey gets power crazy when getting hold of a guard dog? Malcolm, Reese and Craig are held captive before the brothers trick Craig into escaping? Or when the three brothers forward Hal’s alarm clock so he has to shower, shave and drink coffee at the same time haha? Or when Malcolm shocks everyone by memorising a whole set of numbers and Dewey asks if he is a robot!

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