Film Quizzes: Farmyard Animals

I had so much fun putting together the Bears in Hollywood quiz, that I thought why not do one for a different set. This time though, rather than an animal from the wild, I thought I’d make things a little more accessible, and cover farmyard animals. Have you been to any farms? What pets do you have? If this quiz grabs you, why not try out a previous quiz on rabbits or dogs?

Film Quizzes - Farmyard Animals Film 1  (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Farmyard Animals Film 5  (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Farmyard Animals Film 6  (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Farmyard Animals Film 4  (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Farmyard Animals Film 2  (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Farmyard Animals Film 3  (2000s)

Answers below

1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey  (1993)

2. Babe  (1995)

3. Chicken Run  (2000)

4. Shrek  (2001)

5. Hidalgo  (2004)

6. Fantastic Mr Fox  (2009)



42 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Farmyard Animals

  1. Got 6 out of 6 – ordinarily my competitive side would be delighted at that but given have never got anywhere near all of them on any other film quiz am slightly worried about what this says about my taste in films!!!!

    • I’m not sure if any would appeal to you from what’s left, but from the Rabbit quizzes I mentioned in the intro Wallace and Gromit and The Wrong Trousers (30 minutes – better than Curse of the Were Rabbit) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit are very fun.

  2. I missed the first one and last one. I never saw the remake of /Homeward Bound” so it didn’t dawn on me. I saw “Hidalgo” at the theater, remembered “Babe,” along with Chicken Run, and “Shrek.” I missed the “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”
    If I could be an animal I always think of birds, maybe and island sea gull, Alex. 🙂

    • What did you think of Hidalgo? It will be interesting to see how The BFG does when it’s released. Loved Roald Dahl’s stuff growing up. I read them all, including his short stories.

  3. Homeward Bound, Babe, Chicken Run, Shrek – NOT SURE! – Fantastic Mr Fox


    I used to live on a farm. Grew up on one. Cows, horses, tractors, fields, hay barns, rope swings, proper “Famous Five” childhood haha.

    Hi Alex! Great post 🙂

      • Not exactly the cows and horses but we did have chickens we definitely thought of as pets 🙂 when they had chicks we brought them inside in the warm and you can imagine how exciting that was for a little kid!

      • Unfortunately not! And that is a habit that has continued well into adulthood haha. I hate getting up in the mornings!!!! Or even sometimes…the afternoons!!! 🙂

      • I suppose that must be true! I honestly can’t remember but my grandparents (who I lived with) were early risers and ‘believed’ in early rising if you know what I mean. They always woke me up with this really annoying song about how it was “time to wake up…time to wake up..” I was as irritable then as I am now! On Monday mornings when I wake up for work I literally feel dread lol. I’m okay after a shower and coffee but just that initial getting up……horrid!!

        Oh yeah and something else I remember ‘on the farm’ – electric fences, I got electrocuted a fair few times!!! Oh those were the days!!! In all seriousness it was a nice place to live 🙂 so long as you don’t want silly things like central heating…or a shop!

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