Gr8at: Lumiere Festival

For four days in London recently it seemed as if the city was being taken over by celestial beings from another planet. From Thursday to Monday a host of international artists showcased their illuminating creative artwork for free as part of the Lumiere Festival.Β Hosted by the charity Artichoke and the Mayor of London, it ran from 6.30pm to 10.30pm and attracted huge crowds. To give you an idea of what it was like, I’ve chosen my eight favourite images from Harper’s Bazaar. Β Has your home town or city recently hosted anything fun or different?

1.8 London by artist Janet Echelman

Brothers and Sisters by Ron Haselden

Keyframes by Groupe LAPS and Thomas Veyssire

Soho lumiere festival

Les Voyageurs by Cedric Le Borgn

Diver by Ron Haselden

IFO by Jacques Rival

The Garden of Light

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