Travel/Photography: Ferris Wheel, London

Ferris Wheel

I took this when by Leicester Square over the weekend. If you like it, you might find these shots of the Prater Wheel in Vienna worth a look (here, here and here)


12 thoughts on “Travel/Photography: Ferris Wheel, London

  1. Riding a ferris wheel always sounds like a good idea when my feet are firmly planted on terra firma, so I get in the little box/cage of death and then it stops at the top and just dangles there…rocking back and forth as nervous laughter escapes from clenched teeth and blisters form from whited knuckles; and instantly I remember all the reasons never to go on one again! 😉

    By the way, your pictures are brilliant!

  2. very nice– the bright white lights and glow are so inviting and a little nostalgic — Ferris Wheels are one of my MOST favorite things ever– especially at small carnivals. 🙂

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