Things to See: Magical Ice Kingdom

ice palace logo

Winter Wonderland is hosted every year, and is always a fun way to spend a few hours. There are various fun things to do while you’re there. You can skate on the ice rink, have a drink in Arctic conditions in Bar Ice, go on the 60 metre giant wheel or one of the smaller rides or grab a bite at one of the food stalls. My favourite part though is seeing the ice statues, like I have in the past.

ice owl

ice angel

guitar hero


ice boat

And they didn’t disappoint, with a bigger range than ever. While the traditional archers, swordsman and axeman were there (fitting for the fairy tale theme), there was also a wider range of animals and mythical figures. The temperature is aroundΒ -8Β°c but as long as you wrap up warm you’re fine. It was only my fingers that felt icy, and as part of the exhibition you get a free hand (and foot) warmer which is a nice bonus.

crystal ice cubes



leaf close up

purple slide

You can get really close to the statues and notice the extraordinary detail there is in each of the sculptures. In the exhibition there are two things that really stand out. One is the fantastic use of lighting. In the main palace building the tinges of purple really add an extra dimension, while on other displays it is blue, green or yellow. The other is the slide within the palace. Β It really is fun and was in use while I was there. You can also get great photo opportunities on the thrones – either for adults or the junior ones.


23 thoughts on “Things to See: Magical Ice Kingdom

  1. So, now I want an Ice Tea. But it has to be hot. So, Hot Ice Tea do you have? Now, really, wonderful statues and great work. I don’t think ice sculpting is easy. Great post, beautiful pictures πŸ™‚

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