Gr8at: Guinness Adverts

I’ve always been interested in advertising and marketing. How in an increasingly competitive world a product, company or person can project a controlled image and make themselves stand out. Especially those who continue to evolve their image over time. Inspired by my recent trip to the Guinness Storehouse, which included a floor dedicated to its TV advert history, here are eight of my favourites. Do any of them stand out particularly to you? The first one is the most famous, and was voted the best advert of by Channel 4 and The Sunday Times, but there is a wide selection here so would be curious what you all think.

Guinness best ad


48 thoughts on “Gr8at: Guinness Adverts

      • Hmm good question. I’m sure there have been effective campaigns but none come to mind. Sometimes I notice what I think is a great commercial but I don’t buy the product and other times I’m sure I’m totally unaware of how much the commercial actually sunk in and influenced my purchase.

      • That’s true. I think some of the best advertising works with slogans too. If you can get your name into the slogan that must be worth double. Always Coca Cola, For everything else there’s Mastercard, Beanz meanz Heinz etc.

      • That’s funny! Beanz meanz Heinz…that’s an old slogan right? Heinz baked beans are not popular in the US at all and I don’t think most people think of them as beans or that slogan so that’s actually a really interesting difference (bc you’re in the UK right?) Here Heinz is only known for Ketchup first and barely anything else. The big beans company here is Bush’s and then probably Van Camp’s. I need to google Heinz beans commercials now because you’ve got me strangely interested in this haha.

      • Wait wait waiiiiit is Have a break. Have a Kit Kat and oldie or is that their slogan still in the UK? Because our’s is “Gimme a break. Break me off a piece of that KIT KAT BAR” it’s a catchy song. Familiar or is that a different ad? I have a bad feeling I’m going to go down the rabbit hole just watching a million ads on youtube. It really is interesting though to see what sticks.

      • That is interesting, I’m looking through the top ads now. I remembered after commenting yesterday that our version of Heinz Beans has no Z on the end but usually if they are for sale at all it’s the Beanz, imported, and found in the international aisle. Kind of interesting…wonder why that didn’t catch on here. Campbell’s soup is super popular too and they make beans but the beans are not that popular. I don’t know why that is. heh! I want a Kit Kat now.

        I’ve always remembered the Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial from when I was little and the Madonna one that was pulled.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen that Cindy Crawford one. I can’t stand Pepsi though. She does look amazing there. The Madonna one was pulled because of her offensive music video wasn’t it?

  1. I’ve always liked The Surfer. I sometimes like to think about it as I wait for my Guinness to settle – well at least for the first three or four I do – after that it all gets a little hazy!

  2. Well, The Surfer was done by Jonathan Glazer, right? Love his music video work (especially in Rabbit in your Headlights). And Under The Skin was great too. Talented guy. Great adverts here, Alex! 🙂

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  4. I love how Tolkien the Surfer Ad was and that Snail catching air time made me burst out laughing, but I’m with Vinnie on the Rhythm of Life. 😀

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