Travel/Photography: Guinness Storehouse


I went to the Guinness Storehouse when in Dublin, where they explain the whole process of how they make their unique drink. This was taken on the ground floor.


15 thoughts on “Travel/Photography: Guinness Storehouse

      • I haven’t ever been but I used to walk by it every morning when I was nursing in James’s hospital and it used to make me feel nauseous 😷

        I don’t drink it as I’m vegetarian and it contains fish byproducts but I do like that Ireland is the home of Guinness and that it is so popular for tourists. I think I drank it on Paddys day in Australia because I was feeling patriotic 😉 That was 7 years ago !!!

      • Ha! Yeah, on the Hop on Hop Off Bus the only time they stopped was when they made a special detour for the St James’ Gate. It was fun to hear about the history of such a famous drink.

      • I’m glad you found the hop on hop off bus trip good. It sounds like a great idea for getting around the city as a tourist.

        In my other response to you I forgot to answer about Australia. I was there for a year and we also did a few months in South East Asia. It was amazing. We lived and worked in Brisbane for six months and travelled the east coast in our purple camper van covered in flowers. Hehe 🙂

      • It was really cheap. Only 10 Euros for 24 days. I went on the first day and the anecdotes and trivia were fantastic.I’m glad you had such a wonderful time in Australia. I’ve never been remotely close to there. Any pictures of the camper van?

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