Line(s) of the Day #Thriller

Thriller Michael Jackson

It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes

Taken from the astonishingly successful song Thriller by Michael Jackson, from the album of the same name (1983), which is still the bestselling album of all time. Later voted the most influential music video of all time, it highlighted the possibilities available in the exciting new medium of the music video.


10 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Thriller

  1. Alex, I live by Ohio Wesleyan University campus and was thrilled by a street performance of zombies getting out of a limo, with a stereo playing “Thriller!” I was so happy my 4 grandkids with son and daughter in law were also witnesses to this street performance. We were all trying to capture it on our cell phones! 🙂 I ♡love this song, Alex!

  2. When I was in high school one of our more random activities was competitive class dances. One year my class danced to Thriller. I still remember some of the moves even thought I was a disaster area on the stage!

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