Film Quizzes – Ireland

I’m off to Dublin for a few days to go to a friend’s wedding. I’ve never been to Ireland before so really looking forward to seeing more of the Emerald Isle. I’ll be making sure I take loads of photographs and seeing the local sites while I’m there. I also thought a themed quiz would be nice. Have you been to Ireland? Are there any other Irish films you really like?

Film Quizzes - Ireland Film 1 (1940s)

Film Quizzes - Ireland Film 2 (1950s)

Film Quizzes - Ireland Film 3 (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Ireland Film 4 (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Ireland Film 5 (1990s)

Leap Year (2010 +)

Answers below

1. Odd Man Out  (1947)

2. The Quiet Man  (1952)

3. Ryan’s Daughter  (1970)

4. Barry Lydon  (1975)

5. My Left Foot  (1989)

6. Leap Year  (2010)


50 thoughts on “Film Quizzes – Ireland

  1. Have fun have fun have funnnnnnnnn!!
    I like tons of Irish films I don’t think I can even get a list going properly but I’ll say On the Edge is my favorite. Can’t wait for your pictures.

    • David Lean, Stanley Kubrick, Carol Reed, John Ford… Some famous directors have worked there, but there aren’t as many classics there as you might think. I’m sure more directors will work there in the future though.

    • Leap Year has plenty of flaws. But the scenery is wonderful and you can really tell that Amy Adams and Matthew Goode were going to go onto big things though. The Quiet Man is a delight. Such a charming film.

    • The reception was. The weather being so sunny meant we could all have a nice relaxing drink on the terrace bit before the reception. The wedding was in a church nearby. Do you know St Mochtas?

      • He is amazing!
        I’m glad I got that one.
        I wish he would see one of my “Art Gowns”.
        Well, it’s been a while, but I’m almost finished a new Art Gown.
        Okay…back to sewing & pinning.
        BTW… You should do a quiz on him!

  2. I liked “The Quiet Man” and also, “Leap Year.” The film with Hillary Swank and her deceased husband sending her off with letters to explore places takes her to Ireland. “PS, I Love You.” I really like this movie very much, Alex.

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